“Life is not about the length of time we live, it is about the way we live in the length of time that we’re given.”

Every day is a gift!

sMiles 4 Sammy Foundation, Inc. is a 501 c 3 public charity.

Our Mission

The mission of sMiles 4 Sammy Foundation, Inc. is to encourage people to see that every day is a gift, that a healthy body is a blessing and to provide encouragement and support to families of medically fragile children and/or children with medically complex special needs.

Our Mission Field

sMiles 4 Sammy focuses on 2 mission areas.  Each year, funds raised at our silent auction and 5K will be divided between these 2 areas:

Community – One of our missions is to support organizations and initiatives in the Central Texas community that allow ALL children to experience life to their fullest potential. We’ve been privileged to donate over $38,000 to the Cal Ripken Foundation for the KCCO All Ability Baseball Field in Williamson County.  We’ve sponsored the Central Texas Ability Sports League, passed out goody bags at the Project Grad 5K and served at various events in the community.   We are excited about supporting wonderful causes in our community!

sMiles 4 Families Program – Our second area of focus is the sMiles 4 Families Program which was started in January of 2013.  This program provides support and encouragement to families under the care of Pediatric Palliative Care and/or Pediatric Hospice for Dell Children’s, Scott & White, and Hospice Austin. We also provide support to the medical teams that assist these families through various resources. Since the program’s inception, our team has served families from San Marcos to Waco and Lockhart to Fredericksburg.

Our Beginning

The sMiles for Sammy Team was created in loving memory of Samantha Scott. Diagnosed with Trisomy 18 several months before birth, Sammy was expected to be stillborn as this condition is considered incompatible with life. She defied the odds and was given ten gift months with her family. During these ten months, her family made a decision to see each day as a gift and to focus on living life instead of being defined by a diagnosis.

We are a group of people that were touched by Sammy and the life story that she wrote. In her 10 months of life, Sammy showed us that God is in every single detail, that every day is a gift and that a healthy body is blessing. Sammy impacted more lives in 10 months than many people do in years and she encouraged us to make a difference right where we are. She opened our eyes to the world of medically fragile children, children with disabilities and to the joys and struggles that members of their families face.

Our Officers

President – Chad Scott

Vice President – Jacque Almazan

Secretary – Jennifer Vincent

Treasurer – Sherlyn Scott

Technology – Jill Meyer

Team Members – Karen Brown, Kristin Bourgeois, Lesley Henry, Brook Ellison, Robin Knippa, Danielle Hullum, Marlene Teinert

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